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Boiler houses
High-quality water treatment in boiler rooms

As a rule, high requirements for water hardness are imposed on the water used in boiler rooms. It is often necessary to deep soften the water, bringing the total hardness to 10 µg-eq mg/l. (for drinking water, the allowable rate is -7000 mcg-eq / l. High-quality water softening for boiler rooms allows you to bring hardness to the required values.

Water softening in chemical plants

Removal of calcium and magnesium salts (softening) is carried out using industrial filters for water purification. There are 3 softening methods:

– Nanofiltration.

– Reactive.

– Ion exchange.

Softening using industrial pressure filtration systems allows you to remove hardness salts from the treated water. This prevents the formation of scale on heated surfaces and reduces the risk of deposits on the walls of pipes and equipment. For high water hardness requirements, two-stage softening can be used.

Industrial reverse osmosis plants

Semi-permeable selective membranes are used as filter elements in industrial reverse osmosis systems, which allow only certain substances to pass through. More precisely, only water molecules and certain organic molecules pass through the membranes, the properties of which practically do not differ from water.

Reagent water treatment.

Softened water is highly corrosive to metals, which is often the cause of corrosion of metal surfaces of equipment and pipelines. To reduce the aggressive properties of softened water, it must be treated with special reagents. The selection and method of dosing of reagents is an important task in the treatment of water for boilers. Aquacenter employees have extensive experience in solving such problems and are always ready to help the customer in choosing the best solution.


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