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Sports hotel “Chevalier Panorama”, Bukovel
Sports hotel "Chevalier Panorama". With. Yablunytsya, "Bukovel". Search for a source of water supply. Ensuring filtration of surface water from a mountain source of water supply. Productivity 160m3/day. and 25m3/h. Construction of a wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 160m3/day.
The surface reservoir is filled from a large number of sources explored by the specialists of the Aquacenter company
Initially, there were no sources of water supply. We had to carry out exploration and search for such sources so that they provide a debit of 160 m3 / day. High turbidity of water, the possibility of bacterial contamination. For the construction of a wastewater treatment plant, the Customer allocated only a room under the building of the spa zone (see photo). And the requirement of the Customer - no smell in these saunas from the wastewater treatment plant.
Dosing of 4 types of reagents, manufacture of a flocculator, installation of a complex of tanks for clarification of water in the contact chamber, purification at 2 stages of filtration, removal of Cl, reverse osmosis for drinking water in a restaurant, water conservation with an Akvirs silver ionizer (own development, patent for the invention received). - Design, construction and installation in the basement under the building of the spa zone of the wastewater treatment plant "Platon - 160" (technical specifications were developed, and a building permit was obtained throughout Ukraine) with a capacity of 160 m3 / day. Implementation - 2020
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