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Cleaning of drains
(Рус) 5 преимуществ наших очистных сооружений
36 hours in the aeration zone
Wastewater at the Platon VOC plant is treated with air in the aeration zone for 36 hours, which complies with EU wastewater directives. Ask our competitors how long their wastewater stays in the aeration zone?
Stable operation under all conditions
If there is an inconsistent flow of wastewater to traditional sewage treatment plants (hotel occupancy depends on the days of the week and seasons), either the bacteria in the sewage treatment plants starve or overeat. In both cases - they die, as a consequence - there is no quality sewage treatment. As a result: The wastewater treatment plant starts to stink. This does not happen in our Platon wastewater treatment plants!
24 hours without power
Thanks to the special design of the bioreactor, this is how long the Platon LOSS can stay without power supply, while all the processes of wastewater treatment will take place at the proper level. Ask your competitors, they have no more than 2 hours.
The simplicity of design, absence of complex units, any sensors and servo drives makes Platon treatment plants reliable and durable. The absence of a complex electronic controller in the control panel makes it possible not to make high demands on the operating personnel.
Ultra low volume of excess sludge
Thanks to the patented bioreactor, an ultra-low volume of excess sludge is achieved, which has to be periodically pumped out and removed. As a result, after treatment of 1 m3 of wastewater no more than 1.2 liters of excess sludge is formed. While other manufacturers have this indicator from 5 liters of sludge from 1m3 per day.