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The Aquacenter company was founded in 1998 in Donetsk, where it has successfully implemented more than 5,000 projects. After the well-known events in Donetsk, the main office of the company was opened in the city of Chernivtsi in 2014.

OUR COMPANY has been designing and manufacturing since 1998, industrial reverse osmosis systems, a wide range of industrial reverse osmosis plants, commercial reverse osmosis plants for water treatment of private houses, cafes and restaurants, hotels and factories, as well as a biological wastewater system.
And also the company “AQUACENTER” has developed and implemented a unique wastewater treatment plant PLATON. The key achievement during this period is our experience of complex projects, where the professionalism and qualifications of our specialists were required.

The main differences of the company

The main difference of the company is the development of engineering solutions for complex non-standard projects in the field of water treatment. Highly qualified technical and managerial staff. The company’s specialists conduct scientific experiments, equipment testing, research and observations in the field of water purification. The service department has an extensive database of water quality in various regions.

Western Ukraine is a region with very difficult natural water. Aquacenter also has qualified experience in water treatment in mountainous areas.

The development of the project and its implementation are carried out by highly qualified specialists with minimal participation of the client, while taking into account the possibilities and wishes of the customer.

The company follows the accuracy of the contract.

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