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High-quality water purification in apartments

For apartment buildings that are supplied from the city water supply, the issue of water treatment often arises because the city networks were laid a long time ago and the quality of the water, while it passes through the pipes from the city treatment plants to the consumer, deteriorates significantly. Pipeline breaks often occur, as a result of which the water in the main is contaminated, scheduled tests, after which you can observe red water from the tap. Therefore, modern public utilities are in such a state that providing clean drinking liquid from the tap becomes an extremely difficult task.

Every day the situation does not improve at all, but rather worsens. And if you rely on European standards, then even tap water is not suitable, despite the fact that it complies with the SanPiN of Ukraine. Water from the water supply is replete with chlorine and mechanical impurities. Timely installation of a water filtration system for your home will ensure the safety of your family.

Even without visible signs (unpleasant smell, color, taste, turbidity, sediment, scale on the kettle), the water may contain substances such as: chlorine, iron, manganese, ammonium, nitrates, bacteria, microbes, viruses, fungi, certain of their groups are resistant to chlorine.
The result – health problems, teeth, skin, hair, cardiovascular disease, kidney stones, impaired bowel function. In addition, significant damage is caused to plumbing and household appliances (washing machines and dishwashers, boilers, boilers) – corrosion, scale, loss of efficiency.


AQUACENTER COMPANY makes a free water analysis, after which, based on the analysis, our specialists will select for you a suitable water purification system that will ensure safety for your family and your home. The filtration system for apartments is designed in such a way as to cope with various kinds of impurities that can harm your health. The cleaning process eliminates chemical and organic substances, sand, rust, iron, chlorine, salts and other elements. In addition, in this way you will protect not only your body, but also extend the life of household appliances. You will forget about such phenomena as scale and streaks, and plumbing will have the same attractive appearance.

Important point


Conventionally, water purification for houses and apartments is divided into two types:

1. Purification of water for drinking needs. Water used for cooking, drinking and drinking.

2. Purification of water for household needs. The system purifies the inlet water, and already purified water is supplied to all taps and to all household appliances.

The first option is compact and in most cases is installed under the kitchen sink. There are different options for such filters, and the client chooses them depending on his personal wishes. In any case, the system will ensure the microbiological safety of water.

The second option is more dimensional systems, the dimensions of which start from the following values:
Height – 44 cm, Width – 32 cm, Depth – 50 cm. In the case of apartment buildings, it is possible to install the system both on the whole house and separately for each apartment.

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