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For 20 years, Aquacenter has been researching and developing a unique bioreactor, and in 2019 it was certified and received technical specifications for local treatment facilities of the Platon type.

The wastewater treatment process is biological, chemical-free and uses its own natural resources to turn the wastewater into a clear, colorless and odorless liquid. All this happens thanks to the patented bioreactor, where oxygenated microorganisms attach to the flooded process load, forming a biomass ready to quickly and effectively treat wastewater.

The main advantages of the proposed technology are as follows:

Reliability. The simplicity of the design, the absence of complex units, any sensors and servo drives make the treatment facilities reliable and durable. The absence of a complex electronic controller in the control panel makes it possible not to place high demands on the operating personnel.

Due to the special design of the bioreactor, during a power outage at the facility (which often happens), microorganisms can live up to 20 hours, while on traditional systems – no more than 2 hours!

Energy efficiency. Thanks to the use of low-pressure blowers, the specific energy consumption during wastewater treatment does not exceed 0.6 – 0.8 kW / m3 of treated wastewater, which makes the proposed treatment facilities worthy competitors to highly intelligent systems.

Stability of the biological treatment process. Thanks to the patented bioreactor, a consistently high quality of wastewater treatment is achieved, regardless of possible burst discharges, both in terms of costs and pollution concentrations. At low values ​​of wastewater inflow, which is especially common in hotels, the operation of treatment facilities also remains stable.

Ultra-low volume of excess sludge. Thanks to the patented bioreactor, an ultra-low volume of excess sludge is achieved, which must be periodically pumped out and removed. As a result, after cleaning 1 m3 of wastewater, no more than 1.2 liters of excess sludge is formed. Then, as with other manufacturers, this indicator is from 5 liters of sludge per 1 m3 per day.

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