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Enterprise "UPG-Invest" TM "Syaivo" v. Vytilivka - TM "Aquacenter" To get the consultation
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Enterprise “UPG-Invest” TM “Syaivo” v. Vytilivka
Preparation of water to ensure the drinking regime of turkeys. Productivity 90m3/day, 9m3/h. Enterprise "UPG-Invest" TM "Syayvo". Growing turkeys, p. Vytilivka.
Well group
Excess water hardness up to 22 mg.eq / l, ammonium 3.2 mg / l, iron 7.8 mg / l, manganese - 1.4 mg / l, hydrogen sulfide 33.1 mg / l. (at a rate of 0.38), infection of water by enterococci through contact with air. The formation of fungal colonies on drinkers in poultry houses.
Water ozonation in the contact chamber, dosing of reagents of 3 types, deironing at 2 stages of filtration, removal of Cl, reverse osmosis, water conservation with Akvirs silver ionizer (own development, a patent for the invention has been received). Implementation - 2021
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